Hundreds of young student hopefuls entered the Electrolux Design Lab industrial design competition this year for a crack at the big-time. Finally the results are in – Metin Kaplan, an industrial design student from Istanbul Technical University has snagged the grand prize for his innovative take on the conventional lunchbox. Kaplan’s design cleverly addressed the competition’s running theme – solutions that provide the 2016 consumer with healthier eating habits. Kaplan’s creation, which he dubbed Nevale, was inspired by an antique food container with layers called ‘sefertasi’ which was used for centuries in Middle-Eastern countries.

While Nevale’s quirky retro encasing may make it appear somewhat new-age, make no mistake about the emphasis on everyday functionality in Kaplan’s design. Like with the traditional ‘sefertasi,’ the Nevale incorporates a series of layers which hold up to four different hot and cold foods. The Nevale also features a digital display which not only provides information on the food’s storage conditions, but also allows its carrier to program and control the temperature of the food in accordance with their meal-time. We can’t think of a better way to keep those sudden snack attacks for fast-food at bay!

+ Electrolux Design Lab 2006