If you dream of the day when the microwave oven meets an ugly demise, you’ll love the theme of Electrolux’s Design Lab 2006 competition. The challenge this year is to design food preparation and preservation appliances that would help the consumer of 2016 “change bad eating habits to healthy eating habits.” So, goodbye microwave, hello…whatever it is you raw foodies need in the kitchen.

Electrolux has long been an innovator of sleek, energy-saving household appliances. In 2004 the company won Italy’s Ecohitech award for a washing machine that uses a low amount energy, water and detergent, and whose material is easily disassembled and reused/recycled. So, it’s no surprise that the winning entry in Design Lab 2005 was the Airwash, a waterless washing machine that uses negative ions and compressed air to clean clothes.

The deadline for submissions is August 18th. Even if you’re not a design student, check out the web site, which has photos of previous submissions. And it couldn’t hurt for us all to ponder Electrolux’s question: “How can our appliances promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits?”