Electrolux created a new system that makes kitchens more sustainable with a focus on food. GRO is a concept aimed at reinventing the kitchen so people can enjoy food in a way that is sustainable for humans and the planet. A collection of modular systems work together through sensors and AI. Then, behavioral science and data help people act on recommendations from the EAT-Lancet report, which supports personal needs toward a sustainable diet.

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“The way we currently produce food to feed the planet is tragically at the expense of the planet itself,” explained Brent Loken, the Global Food Lead Scientist at WWF, previously worked for EAT as a lead author on the EAT-Lancet report. “Research shows, one important action we can take to change this is to dramatically reduce consumption of animal source foods in places where they are currently over-consumed. This will help ensure enough healthy food can be produced for every person on the planet without destroying it.”

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As a result, Electrolux used this information to create something called the jewelry box. It is a storage system for the GRO kitchen system that encourages lower quantities of meat, instead looking at protein alternatives for your diet.

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Additionally, GRO takes inspiration from the global trend of reinventing new dishes. It mixes techniques and flavors to create tasty new options for plant-forward cooking. For example, GRO’s “Nordic smoker” allows people to smoke ingredients at home and combine different flavors and ingredients in their cooking routine.

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GRO also has a digital platform that visualizes the user’s eating habits and planetary impact. You can set goals, receive guidance and measure progress. GRO offers recipe tips, local produce and sustainable ingredients based on personal taste. There is even nutritional needs and what’s in the fridge.

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Through offering end-to-end support of the individual user at home, Electrolux hopes to transform how we cook and eat to help preserve the planet. It’s an innovative idea, and one that we haven’t seen anywhere else to date. To learn more about GRO, check out the website below.

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