If you enjoy inviting company over for outdoor entertaining but are on the fence about dedicating your precious garden space to an outdoor kitchen — why not just do both and integrate the kitchen with already existing landscape? Electrolux Australia recently launched their Outdoor Kitchen by landscape designer Jamie Durie which does exactly that. The Outdoor Kitchen is made entirely of environmentally-friendly materials, can be customized to fit any outdoor area, and intersects with already existing garden elements.

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The design of the Outdoor Kitchen “redefines outdoor entertaining by keeping in harmony with garden elements.” Durie wanted the product to be more than a functional outdoor kitchen — he saught to design it as an inviting space that pulls people outside to spend more time in their backyards and enjoying their own green spaces.

The Outdoor Kitchen features a modern design consisting of a series of controlled curve details. The countertops feature Electrolux’s integrated barbecue and integrated burners and come in a glossly white finish. The preparation or serving countertop consists of wood panels that can be adjusted to suit seated dining. The matte grey cupboards and a small portion of the white glossy counter are embellished with a graphic image of tree branches, signaling the very literal message that the design is intended to intersect with nature.

The rest of the service space is occupied by planters that are hidden within the design. The planters can grow many different types of plant species and can be customized. By considering some fresh herbs and/or produce one may gain a more energy efficient lifestyle by eating as locally as possible — from your own backyard!

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Via Tendir and MoCoLoco