This elegant 1 ℓimit faucet encourages — and even enforces — water conservation by giving you less water to use. The design relies on the simple principle of “what you see is what you get” — the faucet fills the attached glass tube with exactly one liter of water for washing hands, and it needs to be turned off again before it will recharge. The brainchild of designers Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim and Sewon Oh, the faucet is a clever bit of stingy design.

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We love how the 1 ℓimit faucet makes the user re-consider a resource that they might otherwise take for granted. It takes a tremendous amount of embodied energy and resources to source, heat and purify water before we put it back into the environment. Leaving a water-saving faucet on for one minute will use over 7 liters of water, much of which is unnecessarily wasted.

The consequences are not as severe as the Poor Little Fishbowl Sink we featured, but the faucet may certainly try your patience — if you are not mindful of your water consumption you’ll have to wait for it to fill again. Perhaps the visual reference of a liter of water will encourage users will appreciate how much water they use when not paying attention. Even better, users will see how little water they really need to get the job done, although it may not be as warm as they would like it. If you’re going to be frugal why not do it in style.

Via Yanko Design