Designer Nilly Mozer creates beautiful furniture that can be customized with ornate patterns by sliding and arranging stacks of metal staples. Her simple “100K” piece can function as a table or a stool, and its patterns can be rearranged over and over again using ordinary staples and no adhesives or fasteners.

staples table, Nilly Mozer, repurposed materials, upcycled, furniture, plexiglas, sustainable

The rows of staples in Nilly Mozer‘s 100K stool are set into slits in a bent plexiglas sheet, allowing them to slide around or be removed. The steel staples look great against the clear form, and their stacks give texture to the otherwise minimalist design.

Nilly Mozer is the owner and header designer of Exact Design, which specializes in branding, business graphic design, consumer products, stores and exhibitions. Based in Tel Aviv, Exact Design has a range of international clients.

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