SolarWorld and PC-Aero’s Elektra One Solar Plane harnesses energy from the sun to help it fly with zero-emissions. We covered the maiden flight of the solar plane in the past, and Elektra One just debuted an awesome new accessory at the ILA Berlin Air Show – a mobile electric charging station that represents a major step forward for the the aircraft’s goals of zero emission flying and energy autonomy.

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The carbon fiber Elektra One aircraft has solar cells on its wings that help charge its electric engines during flight. The aircraft weighs just about 100 kg without its batteries and it is able to fly for approximately eight hours with a maximum range of approximately 1,000 kilometers at a speed of 100 kilometers/hour. Like the plane, the new mobile trailer is covered with photovoltaic cells – and it can be moved from site to site to help provide extra charging capacity for the Elektra One. With the trailer, the Elektra One’s batteries can be charged at a rate of 2 kW/hour.

While there are other solar aircraft, like the Solar Impulse, the Elektra One is designed more for pleasure gliding than for trans-continental travel. Plus it looks like James Bond’s mini jet from Octopussy – which is a win in my book!

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