Spring might have one foot in the door but we couldn’t resist giving a shoutout to Element Six’s “snow ads” that stay in existence just long enough to get their message across and then melt away. That’s right, the self-proclaimed “green media” company offers branding in sand, moss, reverse graffiti, and now, given the pristine surface of freshly fallen powder, snow.

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On the occasion of a blank white morning, Element Six sends out sentinels armed with snow stamps, designed to imprint freshly fallen snow with the name or logo of the respective client. Element Six also does what they call snow branding, essentially snow and ice sculptures of icons and logos. The company employs a league of eco-artists, each with a chosen specialty or medium. Hooray – marketing that leaves no trash behind! We’re looking forward to possible poo-powered publicity for the future. Perhaps a manure “Monsanto” logo, Element Six? Think about it!

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