In elementary school, we are taught to work together, share, and dream big. Students from a fourth grade class in Durham, North Carolina took these lessons to heart when they decided to make their classroom 100% solar powered. Using the crowd-sourcing site, Kickstarter, they created an enormously successful campaign that surpassed their original, modest goal by over $5000. Dubbed “Aaron’s Class“, the kids were inspired to turn to the power of the sun’s energy after learning about the modern sources of electricity, and were excited to be able to make channel their enthusiasm into a real project.

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To make their classroom independent from the local power plant, Aaron’s Class asked the internet community to help fund their ambitions of installing a solar panel array. Their Kickstarter campaign blew past their initial goal of $800 to raise over $5,800.

After researching the amount of electricity their building consumed, they were able to calculate just how many panels they would need. Seeing as they now have extra funds, the children hope to purchase an even larger solar array that could serve the community, and small wind turbines to conduct demonstrations for the other students at their school. The future certainly looks bright for this resourceful and forward-thinking group of kids from North Carolina!

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Images via Kickstarter and Wikicommons User Jollyroger