Elisa Strozyk’s Accordion lamp is a sustainable throwback to the folded vintage paper lamps of the 1950s. Created through a collaboration with designer Sebastian Neeb, the Accordian lamp is a modern iteration of the classic lighting fixture. But whereas vintage fifties lamps were mostly made from paper or fabric, the delicate features of the lamp have actually been formed with a new, pliable wood material Elisa Strozyck simply calls “wooden textile”.

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Elisa Strozyk’s wooden works are less fragile than her works made with paper — like the cut&paste Wallpaper — but still maintain the same characteristics, as they are folded and twisted into beautiful forms. The Accordion lamp itself invites users to alter the lamp’s pleated structure in a manner similar to the way one plays an accordion.

A variant of this work using the same wooden textile can be seen in Strozyk’s more free-formed pendant lamp Miss Maple, which we recently reported on, her textile plaids, which are a mixture of wood and viscose, and the Accordion cabinet (seen above).

All her objects were recently on display at Berlin’s 2011 Designmai exhibition, which was set in the hangars of the former Tempelhof Airport.

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