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Touted as a “trophy for plant lovers,” Elkebana’s simple design is inspired by “ikebana,” the ancient Japanese art of harmonious floral compositions. Unlike traditional trophy walls that feature the spoils of hunting adventures, this one invites vegans, and everyone else, to “make your own horned friend.”

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Essentially, Elkebana is a customizable, rearrangeable, living piece of art and each piece can take on its own personality, depending on the types of plants or flowers you decide to use.

The concept was imagined by Amsterdam-based designer Fabio Milito, and came to life in partnership with Italy’s Paula Studio. Each Elkebana trophy is handmade in Italy with slight variations. The trophy mounts are made from simple birch plywood that highlights the two blown glass tubes intended to hold your floral fixtures.

With this playful piece, Elkebana redefines the trophy entirely and replaces a morbid souvenir with an evolving, ever-changing

Images via Elkebana