If you’re passionate about bespoke furniture, you can’t get any more personalized than Elliat Rich‘s Decennia Chair currently on show at Milan Design Week as part of ‘The Other Hemisphere’ exhibition. Rich developed a process for painting the chair that involves several layers of colored paint topped by a textural lime finish. The paint layers are designed to be slow wearing, so that over time the white surface is worn away, exposing the colored pattern beneath.

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Central Australian designer Elliat Rich is a self-proclaimed inventor, designer and part-time explorer. Her reclaimed timber Decennia Chair investigates our relationship with everyday objects and our impact on their meaning and value.

“Each chair becomes uniquely patterned and individualized by the different body shapes and posture of the sitter,” explains Rich.

“I think that at its crux, the concept of the chair is to remind people that resources are precious, and we should look at the beauty of things we already have, rather than discard them for new objects without consideration for the impact that may have on our environment.”

‘The Other Hemisphere’ celebrates this and other inspiring designs from Australia and New Zealand as part of the Milan Furniture Fair.

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