Using only thread as her drawing tool, Belgium artist Elodie Antonie illustrates big structures and industrial landscapes carefully by hand. Cranes, electric pylons, bridges and even nuclear landscapes are represented simply using only the humble material, and they are brought to life by traditional lace-making techniques that add some femininity to their depictions. Where the overbearing, man-made structures meet the delicate craft, Antonie has found a space to celebrate the hidden beauty of the monstrous in an unusual way.

art, recycled art, compost art, Elodie Antonie, belgium art, fragile man-made structures, line drawing, black and white ilustrations, humble materials

Using a continuous line drawing method, Elodie Antonie creates black and white landscapes of desolate nature. Combining straight and organic lines with thread knots in a balanced way, the Belgium artist gives life to some fantastic large-scale monuments.

Delicate and humble, yet visually strong, these massive structures around us become as fragile as thread.

+ Elodie Antonie

Via Ignant