Big names from the world of green energy and climate activism are asking the people to rise up against big fossil fuel companies. Elon Musk tore into the “unrelenting and enormous” influence of these industries and Bill McKibben foreshadowed worldwide protests against the behemoths who are catapulting the planet toward destruction. An international uprising may be the only way to slow down this runaway train – and the people are ready.

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This week, Musk spoke at the World Energy Innovation Forum at his Tesla factory in Fremont, California about the need for serious energy reform. The outrageous subsidies funneled into fossil fuel production reach a surprising total of $5 trillion worldwide each year, according to the International Monetary Fund. Musk stated, “We need to appeal to the people and educate them to sort of revolt against this and to fight the propaganda of the fossil fuel industry which is unrelenting and enormous.”

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Bill McKibben, climate activist and co-founder of, agrees and cites the need for more organized protests against the industries causing so much harm. The website for his group outlines the activism events taking place now all over the world, including in Indonesia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Brazil, the Philippines, and Turkey.

There is no time like the present for our voices to be heard, both individually and collectively. McKibben adds, “The time has come to turn up the heat on the small band of companies and people still willing to get rich off fossil fuel, even though it’s now utterly clear they’re breaking the planet. The time has come to show that we understand we’re in this together across borders and boundaries.”

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