Of the many words used to describe Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, ‘ambitious’ is one of the most common – and perhaps an enormous understatement. Following last week’s launch (and successful drone-ship landing) of the Falcon 9 rocket, Musk made an impromptu visit to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to issue a unique ‘save the date’ to the press. The ingenious business man says he will make an announcement in Mexico later this year, describing his plans for colonizing Mars.

Musk joined NASA panelists for the post-launch press conference, surprising just about everyone in attendance. He discussed the need for reusability in rocket design, which is what makes the Falcon 9 so unique. Although the rocket was just launched and recovered last Friday, after deploying the Dragon cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station, Musk has already said the rocket could be ready to launch again as early as next month. Most rockets are discarded after one launch, so this reusability concept could eventually save tons of money and resources in the space exploration industry.

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So, what about Mars? At the end of the press conference, Musk casually remarked that he will be attending the International Aeronautical Conference (IAC), which will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico this September. He promised to reveal more details about his plans for the red planet and a possible SpaceX “City on Mars.” Musk is known for having a sense of humor about his wild ideas, and this is no different. “I think it’s going to sound pretty crazy,” Musk said. “So it should be at least entertaining.”

We sure hope so.

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Images via NASA