After Elon Musk announced plans to post a video of himself using a holographic computer interface inspired by the one Tony Stark uses in the film Iron Man, it looks like the Tesla CEO and inventor has delivered. In the video, which you can see after the jump, Musk shows a rocket part with hand gestures and then prints it using titanium.

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The video shows Musk rotating a 3D object on screen using just one hand, zooming in and out and manipulating the view using a Leap Motion controller – a device that turns gestures into digital commands. He then demonstrates a cool-looking technological innovation featured in Iron Man that manipulates a freestanding glass projection using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The demonstration ends with 3D printing the part with titanium.

Although the video doesn’t seem to show a new object being designed using the 3D hologram technology, it is exciting to see the sci-fi movie technology being brought to reality. It could be the beginning of a technological revolution that could make holograms an everyday experience.

Via HotHardware