California-based ELV Motors showcased several slick electric scooters at West Coast Green, but they stole the spotlight with their VKM 50 hybrid that gets about 180 mpg. Its 49cc gasoline engine powers a 500-watt electric engine and it reaches nearly 40 mph. It also looks more like a motorcycle than a scooter, with a tandem seat for driver and passenger. Best of all it retails for $2895.

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The VKM 50 appears to be well made and comfortable and weighs in at under 200 pounds. Since it sports a 49cc engine, you can ride it in many western states without a separate license. This makes it ideal not only for commuting to work but for rental agencies as well. In the first quarter of next year they hope to feature a 149 CC version, which still classifies in California as a motorized bicycle.

The distributors state that the bicycle is Department of Transportation (DOT) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified. ELV Motors carries a full range of spares for all the bikes and scooters that they sell.

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