Bikers, fear the flat no more — those days of cumbersome packs with oversized pumps may be behind you. In the spirit of some other resourceful bike tricks like the Aquaduct Bike and the Airbag “Collar,” Instructables shows how you can build a pump to siphon air from car tires to fix a flat — all you need is a 50-100 cm long air hose and two chucks.

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New bike riders often boast an exuberant sense of freedom once they start hitting the streets. “This city is so navigable! It feels so much smaller!” Talk to them after they’ve had their first flat and are left stranded fifteen miles from home you’re bound to hear a different story. Enter the emergency bike pump – naturally, one could go down a row of cars and show them who’s boss, or, take the high road and politely ask to borrow some air from a passing car.

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