Birds are efficient little creatures. They build their nests quickly, out of whatever bits of stray material they can find, and manage to turn these seemingly disheveled piles of odds and ends into the perfect thing for swaddling their babies. Humans certainly have a nesting instinct as well, and designer Emily Pilloton has taken this urge to its logical conclusion with her Human Nest chair.

The cute and cozy Human Nest is a bamboo-framed chair, “upholstered” with layer upon layer of scrap fabric. Not only does it look extremely comfortable for lounging around, but it makes good use of old scrap material – and you know we love that sort of thing!

The best part is that just like a real nest, the Human Nest is intimately personal and infinitely customizable. You can even make like a bird and continue to add layers of your own scrap textiles over time to make it more and more plush.

This looks to me like a perfect piece of furniture for parents with young children. It’s stylish and clever enough for the parents, fun for the kids – and I bet it’s great at hiding stains. We first discovered the Human Nest at HauteGREEN, where it was on display in basic black.

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