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Mocked by Stephen Colbert as “poverty porn,” the Shanty Town sits alongside Emoya’s five-star lodgings. For about $98 a night, guests can pretend to live the rough life, relieving themselves in “long drop” pit toilets outside and cook from fires built in metal drums. Battery-powered radios, paraffin lamps, and candles are provided. A conference room features furniture constructed from rubber tires, and recycled bottles form light fixtures inside the shacks. Tourists also have access to a nearby bar, where they can presumably drink away their last few remaining brain cells and sense of decency. Breakfast is optional.

The Shanty Town is offensive to those who have no choice but to live in poverty-stricken dwellings fashioned together with whatever they can afford. These luxury copies are a washed-down and sugared-up mockery of the plight that millions face across the globe. Unlike the wealthy, who have the privilege of being able to return to their more modern homes, those who live in shanty towns must continue to struggle far after they grow tired of their surroundings. By capitalizing on other people’s suffering, the Emoya Estate has proven their complete lack of social awareness and basic human compassion.

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