Bike manufacturer Empire Cycles just unveiled the world’s first 3D-printed titanium bike frame! According to it’s manufacturers, the super light MX-6 can be “trashed downhill but allows a rider to sprint uphill without excess weight.” It was built in collaboration with UK-based engineering company Renishaw and boasts some amazing features that promise the ultimate biking experience.

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The frame was manufactured in parts using laser sintering and a process called topological optimization. Its organic form relies on a series of lattice-like joints and has extraordinary structural strength while remaining a third lighter than conventional bikes. The box-like section links require minimal welding and have a tough, durable finish.

MX-6 has the same type of seat tower as its predecessor, AP-1, and a swing arm that is machined out of a 40kg block into a component that weighs only 1kg. According to the company, the MX-6 swing arm is the only fully-machined one in the world and its technology has more similarities to aircraft technology than that of bike manufacturing. The bike can be ordered in two frame sizes and in custom colors, including cobalt blue, hot red and titanium, and costs £3,975 ($6,483).

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