Electric cars are flying off the lot and they seem to be getting more popular with drivers everyday. That said, the technology could still stand to improve, particularly in the area of battery charging. And that’s where Electric Motor Werks’ level 2 EV JuiceBox comes in. Unlike your electric car’s built-in charger, which can take hours to charge a car, the Juicebox gives your car a real jolt, delivering 15 kilowatts of electricity carried over a strong 62 amps of current.

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By comparison a commercial level 2 EV charger such as the Bosch Power Max supplies roughly 3 kilowatts of power over 16 amps. On top of delivering more power, more quickly, the JuiceBox is considerably cheaper. The base edition of the JuiceBox, which customers must assemble themselves, starts at just $139, and the premium edition starts at $249; whereas the Bosch Power Max costs $450.

This affordable, supercharged electric car system originally debuted as a Kickstarter project, which was successfully funded earlier this summer. While the crowdfunding project reached its goals just a couple of weeks ago, you can still pre-order your JuiceBox directly from Electric Motor Werks’ store.

Electrick Motor Werks, a company that primarily converts gas-guzzlers into electric cars, says their system can recharge an electric car anywhere from five to 10 times faster. But we’re taking these numbers with a huge grain of salt because they tested the performance of recharging electric cars connected to a 120-volt plug while its own system was connected to a 240 volt high-output plug. That’s said, in an interview with Inhabitat, Julia Sirotina of EMW said that the JuiceBox connected to a 240 volt plug could completely recharge an Nissan Leaf’s battery in just 4.5 hours.

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