Three animals at an Indonesian zoo died after eating poisoned meat earlier this month. An endangered Sumatran tiger named Peter and two lions, Gebo and Sonia, were found dead on August 17, 2013 at the Taman Rimbo Zoo in Jambi. Authorities have questioned zoo employees about the deaths but the culprit remains at large.

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Peter the tiger, who died from ingesting the poisoned meat, was a Sumatran tiger, a subspecies at risk of extinction. In the 1970s, 1,000 Sumatran tigers roamed the wild, but today just 400 remain, most falling victim to the effects of deforestation and poaching. Peter, who was bred in captivity, lived to be eight years old before falling victim to the tainted meat.

Peter, his offspring Ayu, a two year old tiger, and three year old lions Gebo and Sonia were all fed meat that was contaminated with a toxin used to kill rabid dogs. Peter was found paralyzed in his cage before he died. Ayu survived, but the other animals were not as lucky. How the animals were given the meat or why it was tainted remains a mystery. The Indonesian Conservation and Natural Resources Agency and local police are investigating the case.

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