The surreal Endless Stair installation is a hardwood structure designed for this year’s London Design Festival. Commissioned by AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council) and designed in collaboration with dRMM de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects and Arup, the installation celebrates London’s imaginative design, innovative construction and technical design legacy. The “stairway to heaven” is located right outside Tate Modern and will be open to the public from September 13 until October 10.

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The temporary structure was made in order to be endlessly reconfigured. Initially, the installation was supposed to be located at St Paul’s Cathedral, but after some consideration, the London Design Festival organizers decided to erect it in front of Tate Modern, Bankside. Combined with the Thames panorama of London, the installation looks like a surreal, dream-like structure meant to act as a connection between the Thames, ground and sky.

+ dRMM de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects



+ London Design Festival