Clean energy company Enèji Pwòp is on the mission to transform Haiti with renewable energy. The firm hopes to enhance quality of life within the country’s borders through a program that allows immigrant Haitians purchase clean energy products like solar lights to send to their loved ones at home.

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Enèji Pwòp is parented by EarthSpark International, a company that brings small scale renewable energy products to impoverished communities. Through a series of inexpensive, safe products like solar lamps, Enèji Pwòp hopes to help elevate Haiti out of poverty. Around 75 percent of Haitian households lie off the grid, which means locals rely on kerosene lamps, candles and gasoline generators for lighting and cooking, which ends up costing them 6.5 percent of their annual income. EarthSpark’s hanging solar light alleviates the need for candles or kerosene, which can also cause accidents or fires. The light doubles as a solar phone charger that make families even more independent and self sufficient.

With Enèji Pwòp, EarthSpark has helped to set up clean energy retail stores in Haiti, giving locals access to money saving renewable products, but also empowering local entrepreneurs who work with the brand. They are expected to expand their operations to include a whopping 50 distributors across the country. The incredible program can be supported through Earth Spark’s website, where donations as little as $25 could make a huge difference to a Haitian family.

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