Everyone knows that Energizer batteries ‘keep going and going’ – and now the company makes batteries that do less harm to the environment. The company just debuted the world’s first rechargeable AA and AAA cells made from recycled post-consumer batteries. The new line—dubbed Energizer Recharge—is just as well-suited to powering small electronic devices as the company’s other battery offerings, but with less waste and environmental impact.

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With the launch of the Recharge line, Energizer is using four percent post-consumer battery cells to make the new rechargeable batteries. They aren’t just made from old Energizer batteries, though. The company is sourcing all sorts of old, depleted batteries – even those used in hybrid electric cars.

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The Recharge line also includes other battery sizes, including C, D, and 9V. Looking to the future, the company aims to eventually use 40 percent recycled material by 2025. The introduction of rechargeable, recycled batteries marks a huge step forward in the small electronics market, and Energizer’s Recharge line is bound to be the greenest option readily available in stores for some time.

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