Swedish company Home Energy recently revealed an innovative wind turbine that spins in a spherical formation. Eschewing traditional rotors for a sleek orb structure, this beautiful rethinking of conventional wind turbine design utilizes the Venturi principle, which funnels wind within the turbine’s blades. The resulting spherical wind turbine features increased efficiency and lower noise levels – making it ideal for small scale energy needs such as personal home use. Best of all it’s called the Energy Ball: the fun name is an added bonus.

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Most modern wind turbines utilize a flat three-blade design, wherein the head of the windmill is directed into drafts by a computer. The tips of these windmills can reach up to six times the speed of the wind. By contrast, the Energy Ball is designed to take advantage of the the Venturi effect, which was originally a measurement of pressure created by channeling an incompressible liquid through a restricted section of pipe. This spherical Energy Ball takes those principles and uses them to channel air through its six blades and around its generator.

This results in highly efficient turbine that can take advantage of very low wind speeds. Home Energy primarily designs small-scale energy solutions for homes, communities, businesses and public facilities. In my opinion they should also be designing for amusement parks: perhaps these fun pinwheels could help offset the carbon impact of all those funnel cakes.

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