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Although Casa SIP m3 was built from modules, the architects’ careful combination and arrangement gave the home a visually dynamic appearance. They designed a variety of 3D modules for the floors, walls, and roof panels, and each were created in two widths and two heights. Hsü and Rudolphy used alternating high and low modules to create an undulating roof profile that’s also partially glazed to bring in north facing light. The completed structure sits atop a grid of foundations to minimize its impact on the landscape.

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The blocky home is centered on a spacious open-plan living area, from which the secondary spaces like the kitchen and bedrooms branch out. Along with its cost- and time-saving advantages, building the house with SIPs also helped minimize construction waste and improve energy-efficiency.

+ Ian Hsü + Gabriel Rudolphy

Via ArchDaily

Images via Ian Hsü + Gabriel Rudolphy, © Aryeh Kornfeld