The Eco-leaf is a solar shade concept that will lower your carbon footprint and brighten your living room. Eco-leaf’s unique energy harvesting design integrates proven-technologies like solar, E ink, and OLEDs, making it an attractive alternative to heavy drapes or curtains with an eco edge!

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The high-tech window covering blocks out sunlight during the day and illuminates the interior at night. If you need a little fresh air, tugging on the central control cord will open the blinds to increase air circulation without compromising solar efficiency. Integrated solar cells absorb harsh rays, but natural light still shines through the semi-translucent fabric. At night, leaf-shaped OLEDs emit light to effect a seamless eco-lighting experience. OLEDs add an additional 10-40% efficiency to lamps with reflector-based LEDs and are slowly making their way into the mainstream.

A quick glance at the hybrid screen’s integrated e-ink display will let you know the temperature or time, and if your eyes get weary from the patterned screen, the whole thing can be rolled up for quick storage. Designers Lim Wan Xuan and Tang Xueling Jane’s low-maintenance, closed-loop system is a great way to promote the mass adoption of green energy.  Lite-On thinks so too, they just offered the duo an award for the Eco-leaf’s ability to strike a balance between pragmatism, eco-friendliness, and marketability.  We may see production models soon, because Eco-leaf has just revolutionized the way solar power and energy efficient comfort can be delivered to the home.

Via Yanko Design