One of the many barriers that impedes us from living a greener life at home is the lack of any simple and reliable way to gauge how much energy we are consuming. We can turn off our lights and computers, but we are still kept in the dark as to our true levels of our consumption. As price and demand for energy continue to climb, it becomes that much more important to have access to vital information about our energy use, which is exactly what the EnergyHub hopes to provide.

While some may opt for a simpler lifestyle with less energy use, for the most part people are going to continue on their current path of energy consumption, if not increase it. Founded by a team of former robotics and aerospace engineers, EnergyHub’s array of software and hardware looks to bring a sense of control to consumer’s homes.

To do this they’re focusing on a key point in reigning in our energy consumption: the access to information. When we are able to accurately read and monitor our own consumption we will be able to take action. By giving “home consumers an immediate, accurate and complete picture of their electricity usage” EnergyHub hopes to reduce home energy usage by up to 20%.

The EnergyHub dashboard allows households to set monthly energy targets and gives detailed information about current consumption levels. It’s information can also be accessible from the internet, and users will be able to compare data with neighbors and peers.

There’s something to be said for tapping into our competitive nature to get those energy levels down! People could take a cue from mpg-stretching Prius drivers and strive for the lowest possible level of energy use.

+ EnergyHub