England just announced plans to build 14 new garden villages, each of which will hold between 1,000 to 10,000 new homes. One of the villages near Cornwall named West Carclaze will offer 1,500 new homes with energy-efficient features. A solar farm and bike paths are said to be a part of the ecovillage, along with pubs and a primary school for hundreds of new students. In total, the 14 villages will add up to 48,000 new homes to the country.

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England’s new garden villages will operate as their own independent communities. The 14 new developments will offer a range of facilities for new residents – including primary schools and adult care centers, according to The Guardian. England’s housing ministry says the villages will boost local economies, although some locals already living near the proposed areas aren’t convinced.

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Some see the expansion as unnecessary urban sprawl that threatens established communities and designated green belts. Some worry the villages will put stress on an already congested infrastructure, as well. The promise that the developments will be locally led, instead of federally imposed, quells some fears, though others see it as a paper-thin pledge.

Via The Guardian

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