Tired of paying extra when you want a sweet treat to accompany your morning shot of espresso? Wish there was a way to avoid the waste of a paper coffee cup without having to lug your own mug? Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi feels your pain. Working with Italian coffee company Lavazza, Sardi conjured up a way to combine the cookie and coffee cup to create a portable vessel that you can gobble when the drink is gone.

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Apparently, the edible coffee cup tastes like a cross between a ice cream cone and a biscotti. The inside of the cup is covered with a special icing sugar that works as an insulator making the cup waterproof while sweetening the espresso at the same time. Besides being delicious, the cup eliminates paper waste and helps reduce water consumption — no washing required!

Although this “sip the coffee then eat the cup” is very simple, it’s awfully brilliant. No word from Lavazza yet on price or availability, but the company claims its edible coffee cup has already collected hundreds of awards in ecology, marketing, business strategy and design sectors.

+ Sardi Innovation