Calling all future-forward architects and designers!

How can we create buildings that heal themselves, ourselves, and the natural environment? Advances in synthetic biology, bio-printing, and material engineering have opened up a whole new field of Biodesign – and we’re giving away $1000 to the best project that integrates the natural world into the built environment. The winner of our Biodesign Competition will also be showcased to the X-Prize foundation as well as millions of Inhabitat readers around the world – and we’ve extended the deadline until September 6th, so enter today!

Biodesign Competition to ideate the X-Prize for regenerative building
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The Fab Tree Hab, living treehouse, a conceptual design by Mitchell Joachim, Javier Arbona, Lara Greden


The X-Prize Foundation is a prestigious innovation engine that awards forward-thinking ideations for a better world. The winner of our Biodesign competition will get to display their work in front of the exemplary X-Prize board, including Larry Page, James Cameron, and Ariana Huffington. The winning Biodesign will be considered for entry in the new regenerative building X-Prize launching in April 2017.

Dragonfly Building, Vincent Callebaut, biomimicry, biodesign

We’re looking for applicants with “bold and innovative visions for the future of construction at the intersection of the physical, the digital, and the biological.” Will buildings be grown instead of assembled? What would our buildings be like if they could grow to accommodate changes in their inhabitants or environment? What emerging material has the most potential for a biodesigned future?

Mycotecture, Mushroom Tower, Tower grown from mushrooms, ecotecture, architecture, biotecture, mushroom architecture, David Benjamin, Ecovative, The Living architecture

Visions for the following categories will be considered:

A. Spaces for living – Single family home in the suburbs – Multi-family apartment in the city – Informal settlement or slums in the context of an emerging economy – In situ revitalization of abandoned buildings in the context of cities with declining population

B. Spaces for learning or healing

Illustration by Redmer Hoekstra


We will be accepting entries through our online entry form, here, until 11:59 PST on September 6, 2016.

*Entrants need to submit their designs in JPEG format (under 1MB) through the user upload form, but please note that all finalists will be asked to provide high-res 11X17 PDFs. Any entrant who wants to be considered for this prize should save all work as high resolution, vector files.