You might have thought that the bubonic plague was ancient history, but last week a man in Yumen, China died of the disease, prompting the country to seal off an entire city in order to stop it from spreading. The man contracted the disease after coming in contact with a dead marmot that was carrying the bacteria. Now, about 30,000 people in Yumen have been placed under quarantine and no one is being let in or out of the city.

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Roadblocks have been placed at the perimeter of the city and China Central Television is reporting that traffic has been rerouted and the city has enough flour, rice and oil to sustain itself for the next month. Fortunately, no one else has shown any signs of the disease, but over 150 people have been placed in isolation after coming in contact with the man.

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Recently some scientists have warned that another bubonic plague could reoccur in modern society. However, the CDC says that modern medicine can treat the bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death or the Plague of the Justinian, which wiped out  millions of people in Europe during the 14th century. However, without quick treatment, the disease, which spreads via a bacteria carried by fleas and rodents, can still cause severe illness and death.

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