The world lost a great leader and visionary yesterday when Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away at age 56. It’s not a stretch to say that Jobs actually changed many of our lives, bringing us inventions beyond our wildest dreams – from Macbooks to iPods and iPhones, the state of technology was thrust into the future because of his determination and ingenious developments. Under his direction, Apple also made significant environmental strides to reduce its footprint in many ways.

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Mourners at Apple stores around the world yesterday held up flickering candles on their iPhones – an extremely appropriate candlelight vigil for Jobs. In his 56 short years, Jobs was able to literally change the world, making personal computers, the internet and smart devices a norm for our daily lives – spurring the information revolution. Despite transforming our lives, the super entrepreneur was known to his friends and employees as a “regular guy,” living in an average neighborhood. Jobs paid himself only $1 a year as CEO of Apple, but in 2010, his wealth was estimated at a whopping $8.3 billion- which was due to his shares in Apple and Disney.

Jobs used his leadership to promote positivity and innovation. Known as a company at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, Apple also showed us the importance of taking care of the environment.  Their well-advertised energy efficiency efforts span from manufacturing to the end product in retail. Since 2007, Apple has greatly minimized their environmental impact under Jobs’ guidance.  The company has reduced materials by designing more compact devices, removed toxic materials from them, decreased transportation energies with smarter design and less packaging and implemented ENERGY STAR products. These strides show that an industry leader can still be incredibly successful while making steps to help the environment.

Steve Jobs’ influence and contributions have made the world a little smaller, connecting us to one another with technology that has changed the way of the world. Thank you Steve.

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