These Envirosax eco-chic totes simultaneously rescue shoppers from the mundanity of unfashionable choices, and the planet from the dangers of unconscionable choices. The reusable carry-all polyester bags are lightweight (1.4 oz each), waterproof, extremely sturdy, and cute to boot – coming in a wide variety of designs to fit your personal style.

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The Graphic Series(pictured above) includes four designs—Monochromatic, Flora, Amazonia and Retro. The Envirosax Organic Seriescurrently features one organic hemp bag printed with vegetable ink and packaged in a recycled cardboard box.

Envirosax totes can now be purchased directly from Envirosax on their U.S. website. A single bag in the Graphic Series costs just $7.95 while a small pouch containing all 5 bags in the series costs just $35. A single bag in the Organic Series costs $22.

$8.50 from Envirosax

$37.95 for a set of 5