Sure, it’s easy enough to find a quality portablesolar charger, but powerful, portable wind turbines are a different story. Enter the Eolic, a portable turbine that can be mounted on its telescopic pole in just three steps.

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The carbon fiber and aluminum turbine is the brainchild of designers Marcos Madia, Sergio Ohashi and Juan Manuel Pantano. It’s still in the concept stages, but we imagine that the Eolic could be useful in developing countries or in disaster situations where on-the-grid power isn’t available. If it’s quiet enough, the Eolic might also be popular among energy-conscious homeowners.

The Eolic’s designers haven’t divulged how much their product would cost, but chances are it will be significantly more expensive than the tiny $75 HYMINI wind-powered gadget charger. Still, we’re always happy to see new tools added to our portable alternative energy arsenal.

+ Marcos Madia