We’re big fans of Lisa Katayama‘s ‘We Are All Radioactive’ series of films, an online episodic documentary series that follows the lives of surfers and fishermen as they work to rebuild small coastal towns that were affected by the devastating Japanese tsunami. The series, produced with TED film director Jason Wishnow, is entirely crowd-funded, meaning that if you want more episodes, it’s up to you to keep production going. This week, Episode 4 of We Are All Radioactive went live, which sees Lisa and Jason meet surfers who are rebuilding Japan after the March 2011 tsunami.

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Episode 4 sees Autumn, Konno-san and other citizens open up about their fears of radiation. Lisa and Jason also meet nuclear experts from UCLA, Princeton and Tokyo University. With the news that Japan has reopened some of its nuclear power plants and is considering reactivating the rest, this episode could be more relevant or timely.

For fans of the series, you may be interested to learn that all of the episodes will be showing in NYC in July. They will be interspersed before feature films at the Japan Cuts Film Festival with Episode 7 premièring on July 28 as a prelude to Space Battleship Yamato.

Click below to watch Episode 4.

+ We Are All Radioactive / Episode 4

We Are All Radioactive – Chapter 4: Radiation from Lisa Katayama.