Good news for European electric vehicle fans–a company called Epyon recently opened Europe’s first commercial fast-charging station in the Netherlands. The system can reportedly pump out 50 kilowatts of power–enough to charge a nine-person taxi van–in just 30 minutes.

Epyon’s system offers some impressive features, including the ability to charge multiple vehicles at the same time, remote configuration, and an Internet-based system that lets Dutch utility Essent bill customers for use. The Netherlands-based station will be used to charge two nine-person taxi van EVs from local taxi company Kijistra.

The introduction of a fast-charging station in Europe isn’t that big of a deal in and of itself. But the implications are important–fast-charging stations will be necessary if EVs ever become mainstream. So here’s hoping Epyon’s system is the first of many throughout the continent!

+ Epyon

Via Green Car Advisor