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Equipped with photo and printing capability, the lively mobile home and studio travels throughout Sweden, picking up small commissions along the way. Specializing in producing menus, animation, brochures and business cards for local businesses, the non-conformist designer works with his clients to ascertain an appropriate price for his services and barters instead of using cash.

The interior is decorated with dizzy patterns and simple furnishings that illustrate Erik’s distinctive design ethos. A loft sleeping area receives light from a small window, while excess thick diagonal black and white stripes that act as a printed shade mitigate solar gain in the main work/live space. And when Erik parks the bus – whether in the middle of a scenic landscape or a busy city – he pulls out a small table and chairs that allows him to consult with clients outside.

“I want to explore my role as a designer and be my own producer, in the same time challenge the norms in the business,’ Olovsson told Frame Magazine. That is exactly what he is doing, and we won’t be surprised to find a new generation of designers following suit.

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