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Who hasn’t been tempted to make their own fields from Frosted Flakes or garden from granola? In Button’s  collection of photographs titled “Cerealism”, the artist constructs scenes from breakfast cereal. By adding dramatic lighting and snapshots of Arizona, Button mimics the landscapes of the desert. He remembered as a kid how breakfast cereal was a luxury item that barely made an appearance at his table. On a trip to the store as an adult, he browsed cereal isle and with all of its colorful packaging, novelties, and high sugar content. He realized that food had become a form of entertainment. He also noticed that the more ‘adult’ cereals made from fiber or bran resembled the hues and textures of his home state.

“The project started out purely aesthetic, I have no ill will against cereals or the companies that make them,” he says, “that stuff tastes great but the older I get, the more I’m like, should I be eating this?”

Playing with scale and familiar objects, “Cerealism” is a fun examination into food culture. At once silly and beautiful, Button is able to create strangely convincing worlds that have a feel of the satirical. To get a taste of his full portfolio, head over to his website for his work with travel, single-malt scotch, and toys.

+ Ernie Button

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