As the chill of winter settles in, some of us can?t help but look forward to spring, when flowers burst into bloom and the air holds a certain hopeful anticipation of warm days to come. The blossoming of certain flowers indicates not only the time of year, but the time of day. Morning glories, for example, open and close like clockwork. It?s this poetic relationship between plants and time that inspired the Esby Sarah Clock. The Sarah Clock is a labor of love from conception through production. Designer Jim Doan named both his company and his signature clock after his wife, Sarah, because he believes they both embody natural beauty. This romantic idea is lovingly manifested in the delicate design of his flower-like Sarah Clock.

Jim Doan personally hand lathes each piece from solid hardwood using traditional woodworking techniques. This precise, painstaking process fuses contemporary lines with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in a breathtaking piece which manages to look simultaneously nostalgic and contemporary.The Sarah Clock comes in brilliant hi gloss enamel orange, white, green, yellow, and the designer?s favorite: natural, which includes a beautiful ebony detail at the 12 o’clock mark. Custom colors are also available upon request. Everything, including the packaging and the instructions, will be put together for you by hand, courtesy of Jim.

$499 from Design Public