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Mathieu Lehanneur and JCDecaux won the call for intelligent furniture projects by the Mairie de Paris Escale Numérique, to create a connected haven of peace available to everyone. The free WiFi station is on the Rond Point des Champs-Elysées and takes advantage of an underground fiber optic network which is now supplying the capital. Lehanneur likens the project to the “Wallace fountains, which since the end of the 19th century have offered Parisian the free drinking water which was circulating beneath their feet, Escale Numérique allows everyone to benefit, like a real public service, from a high-speed WiFi connection by raising it from beneath the ground.”

The digital service station features super durable swivel chairs made from concrete and mini tables connected to the seat are perfect for a laptop, smart phone, tablet or even just a book. Vertical logs, like tree trunks, are used to support the shade structure, which is topped off with a green roof. The living roof was designed to be attractive both from the ground as well as from a balcony above. Attached to the station is a large touch screen that provides information about the city, news and augmented reality for tourists and visitors who do not have a device with which to get online. Escale Numérique is certainly the prettiest WiFi stop we’ve seen and is at the intersection of great design and technology.

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Images ©Felipe Ribon