Discouraged by the eye sore of vacant lots in beautiful downtown Valencia, Bernat Ivars and Manuel Lopez, also known as EspaiMGR, have devised a plan to re-enliven the abandoned spaces. Entitled “Habitat Make Us Blind,” the proposal seeks to call attention to the otherwise ignored, unused spaces. The team uses LEGOS as a model for the innovative revamping of the lots.

EspaiMGR, Valencia, Spain, LEGOS proposal

Ivars and Lopez liken the vacant lots that dot their downtown to the broken windows theory – each perpetuates further urban neglect and disrepair.  Residents of Valencia may be so used to the derelict spaces that they are almost immune to the problem that they represent, an unused potential to keep historic parts of the city alive and vibrant. Ivars and Lopez worry that if the spaces are left to decay, the surrounding area will soon follow suit and slowly degenerate, sending neighborhoods around Valencia into decline.

Their quirky LEGO-inspired proposals inject color and fun into the landscape. They want citizens to demand control of these vacant parts of their city, turning them into areas for recreational use. Their proposal is to add a little artistic surrealism into the city  – and to take back their city spaces which have been boarded up and unused.

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