When faced with the need to develop additional sources of energy, the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation recently decided that its best option was not to build conventional power plants. Instead, the electricity provider opted to fulfill its energy needs by building Africa’s largest wind farm! The 120 megawatt Ashegoba plant in north Ethiopea will provide for 15 percent of the nation’s present energy capacity.

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Up until now Ethiopia has relied upon hydroelectric dams as an important energy source, although recently this strategy has been crippled by severe droughts that strain the country’s energy grid to the point of collapse. EEPC chairman Meheret Debebe has stated that the new wind power project “will help us to fill the gap of hydrological risks we are facing in Ethiopia with the droughts”.

The cost for the project will be 220 million euros, and it is expected to hit a peak production of over 120 megawatts when it is finished in about two and a half years. Africa’s investment in the green revolution will ensure that the continent stands well poised to tackle future challenges, and this is a great first step.

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