Ethiopia is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years as the direct result of El Niño. In a developing nation with a perpetually unstable food supply, severe drought has created food shortages for as many as 10 million people, up from last month’s estimate of 8 million. This update comes as the country is in the midst of ongoing epidemics, including an outbreak of measles in October.

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The World Health Organization earlier this month announced Ethiopia’s drought is the worst the country has seen in more than three decades. Agriculture has been suffering for two seasons, and lower crop yields mean millions of people are going hungry. The WHO sent an emergency response team in an attempt to help those affected, which is now an estimated 10 million people, including mostly women and children. The number of malnourished children has increased steadily each month of this year, and authorities say the figures are projected to continue climbing.

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“Considering the evolving situation in Ethiopia we are very concerned that right now there are not enough resources to provide an effective and coordinated health response across Ethiopia, Kebba Jaiteh, the WHO Emergency Response Coordinator in Ethiopia said in a statement. “Without a proper response, El Niño could reverse years of progress on health for Ethiopians.”

Elsewhere in the world, El Niño is wreaking havoc, causing droughts in some areas and flooding in others. The warm streak has even been connected to flowers blooming out of season and starving fish.

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