With picnic weather finally arriving, and beach weather looming, Eton has made their new solar powered boombox available for pre-order.  With the Soulra XL, you can share your iPod tunes with your beach blanket gang, without lugging extra double D batteries around. The Soulra weighs in at just seven pounds, and if you order now you should be listening to the Soulra XL just as you’re pulling your beach chair out of storage.

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Using a monocrystal solar panel to fully charge in just five hours, the Soulra XL is twice as fast as the previous model, known simply as the Soulra. Five hours charge time equals five hours of play- and it can even charge up your iPhone while you splash in the water.

Outfitted with eight speakers, the Soulra XL can really blast out your tunes with an additional bass boost, probably louder than the blanket next to you cares to hear. It comes with a remote control if you’re feeling particularly relaxed, and a gel-cushion carrying strap, so you can throw it over your shoulder like a bag.

The Soulra XL doesn’t come cheap at $300, but the flexibility of a cordless and battery-free iPod renewable energy sound system is priceless.

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Via Engadget