Europe’s first chemical-free housing complex was recently completed near Zurich in Switzerland. The development was carefully designed for those suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and is completely free from the harmful effects of and radiation from fixtures such as smart meters, fluorescent lightbulbs and mobile phones.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is usually described as a severe sensitivity or allergy-like reaction to many different kinds of pollutants including solvents, perfumes, petrol, diesel, smoke, and “chemicals” in general. According to MCS America’s statistics, more than 48 million people in the U.S. suffer health reactions to everyday chemicals. This controversial condition is not recognized by medical communities in many European countries. Those afflicted, however, believe it is sparked by low-level exposure to chemicals commonly found in modern-day residential architecture.

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The Healthy Life and Living Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the living conditions of those inflicted with MCS, convinced the Zurich authorities to provide land for the building. Thanks to a $6.9 million interest-free loan, the apartment complex has been built, paving the way for other similar projects in the coming years.

The housing complex contains only 15 units, which will soon become home to some of the 5,000 people living in Switzerland who suffer from MCS. The units have internal protective barriers that block all transmissions from nearby communication towers and cell phones. They were designed to allow those with extreme sensitivity to live their lives to the fullest without having to deal with the crippling symptoms of this poorly understood condition.

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