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Three companies plan to install Europe’s largest battery at a UK substation in order to test improved renewable energy storage. Solar and wind are excellent, clean sources of energy – but they tend to be intermittent, which necessitates an energy storage solution to integrate the power into the grid. S&C Electric Europe, Samsung SDI and Younicos just announced a trial run of their new energy storage technology, which has received £13 million in support from UK taxpayers.

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The new 6MW battery uses Lithium Manganese technology to improve long-term storage of energy derived from wind and solar generation. The battery will be installed at the Leighton Buzzard substation in Bedfordshire, which has the appropriate infrastructure for a successful trial run, including good grid connections, The Guardian reports.

“The major grid challenges from the UK’s decarbonisation can be met through energy storage’s inherent ability to reinforce the network. But currently there are limited large-scale energy storage projects here, leaving a confidence gap,” Andrew Jones, managing director of S&C Electric Europe, told the paper.

He added, “This practical demonstration promises to show the strengths and limitations of storage and unlock its potential as a key technology for the transition to low carbon energy.”

A £18.7 million project, the trail run is not expected to produce any results until 2016.

Via The Guardian