These recycled rubber roof shingles from Euroshield are an economic as well as environmentally responsible green building material. Made from 75% recycled materials, they’re designed to replicate classic thick chiselled-edge slate shingles. They’re also extremely durable, making them a dependable investment for any homeowner.

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Old car tires are a tremendous source of waste material today. Euroshield took this into account with the design of their rubber tiles, which prolong the tires’ lifecycle. The company is careful not to use the word “green” as a selling point or catch phrase — instead they call attention to the product’s high quality and durability. They’re quite right to do so — environmental design should be expected to be a part of every product on the market – not just a catchword.

To produce the shingles made from used vehicle tires, Euroshiled removes the tire wall and cuts the tread section into large pieces. Once the treading is buffed off, the rubber surface is coated with sawdust or slate dust. To create the shingle-like texture the pieces are heated and moulded into shape. A plastic tab on each shingle panel makes it easy to attach the pieces to the roof. The panels are 3 feet wide and fit into each other as they are laid across the roof. For an average-sized home, between 600-1000 rubber tires are used to create a rubber shingle roof.

The tiles come in three different shapes and styles — one can choose between a replica of chiselled slate, concrete-looking tiles or a raw wood look. The benefits are of course that the rubber tiles never will crack, rot or warp.

The tiles aren’t the cheapest choice of roofing material on the market, but the company has spent more than ten years developing the product and they offer a 50-year guarantee. Not only are the rubber tiles manufactured in an environmentally friendly way; they are also so durable you may never have to change your roofing material again. And if you do, they are recyclable again and again.

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